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  • Dental One Clinic. One of the safest and most inviting Dental Tourism destinations in Europe.

  • Best dental care in town.Innovative equipment, aligned with the latest European standards of practice.
    Only a plane ticket away.

  • Top practitioners prepared to address your toughest dental problems. Meet them any time soon.

  • Plan to take your family on a nice holiday? Start saving up to 70% of your dental treatment costs.
    Try Dental One, a top dental tourism clinic that brings you quality and comfort, while saving you money.

  • Worried about your dental treatment finances? Relax and think of your holiday instead.
    We have the most convenient dental costs so you can also save money for your next adventurous trip.

  • Are you in town for business? Maybe you can spare some time to fix your dental problems.
    Save time and money so you can get back in business fast.

  • Personalized care. Painless procedures. Maximum comfort. Post-treatment plan in your home country.

  • Bucharest, the top destination for Dental Tourism in Europe. Discover a wonderful city with plenty of attractions to offer. Take care of your teeth and delight your eyes.

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Dental Implants

We are experts in dental implantology and ensure top quality materials and the highest success rates for all procedures.

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Dental Crowns

We use dental crowns to restore the beauty and functionality of your teeth. Either metallic or porcelain crowns made of zirconium, we strive to deliver the best results.

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Endodontic microscope

Increasingly more patients choose to go to where there endodontic microscope because the success rate of treatments made thus increase from 50% to 90%.

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Estetic Dentistry

We have experience in diverse modern dentistry aesthetics procedures and we can perform wonders for the beauty of your smile.

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map-of-romaniaRomania has become nowadays a popular destination for dental tourism. The industry is very developed, with well-equipped dental clinics and private offices, up to the standards of Western countries. The quality of the medical act is very high, from prosthetic dentistry to implant treatments. Why should you choose Romania?

  • Member of the European Union
  • A country with scenic landscapes, a rich cultural heritage, medieval fortresses, fascinating rural areas and traditions.
  • A wide offer in terms of high quality, affordable dental treatments
  • Dentists in Romania know English, French and German very well



We promote a whole new concept of modern dentistry care, based on the use of innovative equipment and also on our wide experience, acquired both at national and international level.

We are located in a residential area in the North of Bucharest, at only 25 minutes away from the airport.




We offer extensive warranties for all dental treatments we perform.

We ensure high success rates for every procedure, as we are confident in the high quality of the medical act and the selection of materials we use. 



We use only state of the art equipment and solutions for the comfort of our patients. We carefully select our suppliers, based on expertise, innovation and reliability.

As a result, our interventions are extremely accurate, safe and with high success rates.


Endodontic microscope

Din ce în ce mai mulți pacienți aleg sa meargă să facă tratamente endodontice acolo unde există un microscop, deoarece rata succesului tratamentelor efectuate astfel, crește de la 50% la 90%. Nu numai că șansele de reușită a unui tratament normal cresc drastic, dar cu ajutorul microscopului se pot observa alte afecțiuni. Medicul poate  descoperi canalele atipice, eventualele ace rămase pe canale în cazul retratamentelor, și chiar afecțiuni gingivale.



world map

Dental One Clinic has well-trained staff, proficient in most languages of international circulation.

We can accommodate patients from USA, Italy, Germany, France, Great Britain and basically all around the world, offering them the best care possible.



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    Dr. Remus Stratulat treated me in December 2013 and I was very happy with all the attention I received. The services were conducted at a professional level, without error. My treatment lasted for several weeks, involving a high degree of complexity. I warmly recommend Dental One Clinic, as in here you really feel the care and comfort you need to solve your dental problems.

    I didn't trust dentists until I met Dr. Adel Maasarani. From that point on, I started to regain my trust. My case, with a rather complex diagnosis behind, was approached with confidence and care. The interventions were difficult but Dr. Adel Maasarani took all the measures in the world for me to feel relaxed as much as possible. My smile is now completely restored and I can happily use it again without reservations.

    At Dental One Clinic you will soon discover a team of extremely capable doctors, 100% dedicated to their work and their patients. Dr. Adel Maasarani is part of this team and he is, in my opinion, a skillful practitioner and a perfectionist as an OMS surgeon. His patience, warmth and constant attention are remarkable. He offered me options, together we planned the steps of my treatment and I personally consider I couldn’t have been treated better elsewhere. I recommend Dental One Clinic with all my trust.

    A friend of mine advised me to try Dental One Clinic in case I needed good dentists. Now I can say his advice was brilliant. I received a well-planned treatment in the shortest time and sensed the professionalism of the medical team and staff. The innovative equipment they possess and the friendliness of their staff impressed me. I recommend Dental One Clinic for anyone who values outstanding medical care and maximum comfort.

    Some time ago I had a rather delicate dental problem, for which I searched professional help. An acquaintance recommended me Dental One Clinic. For me it was heaven sent. Advanced equipment, distinguished atmosphere and professionalism - three arguments convinced me to become their customer for life.
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